We wish for every one of our guests to feel welcome into our home. A significant part of that welcome is to prepare and serve you memorable breakfast meals. You will be served your choice of one of two entrees, each meal accompanied by fresh fruit and baked goods, coffee, tea and/or juice. Meals are made from scratch, using locally sourced foods whenever possible. Oceana County is abundant with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables and many local vendors provide a rich array of high-quality dairy products, meats, condiments, sweet treats and other goodies.

We also recognize that many people are dealing with food limitations due to allergies, restrictions or special diets. If you are living with food limitations, we ask that we have that conversation early and often. Our intent is to accommodate you to the best of our ability. Please read the following for more information about communicating food limitations.

Here are a few things to know about our kitchen:

  • We strive to honor the food limitations made known to us by our guests. Our cooking and serving dishes are not segregated by allergens. So, if you have an extreme food allergy, we may not have the capacity to meet your needs.

  • Our kitchen is not nut-free. Although we will restrict the use of peanuts and tree nuts during the stay of guests with this allergy, we cannot guarantee you will be free from contact with this allergen.

Communicating food limitations:

As your hosts, our job is to provide excellent service and strive to exceed your expectations. This includes making every effort to accommodate the food limitations of our guests. We believe that while the process of communicating dietary restrictions may be complicated, it can be accomplished successfully. Should you consider staying with us, and are concerned about meals, let’s begin with a phone call. Having a real-time conversation about your needs and our ability to meet them (or not), will help you decide whether it will work for you to stay with us, or whether you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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